​​What is a silk press?

A silk press is a modern day press and curl that delivers silky smooth hair with a ceramic or titanium irons instead of pressing comb. 


Do you offer conditioning protein treatments?

Yes, I offer conditioning protein treatments. The hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Most conditioning treatments provide moisture but every so often strength needs to be added to the hair with a protein conditioning treatment. 

What is the best way to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair?

The best way to transition is by wearing protective styles like braids, wigs, weaves, twists, crochets styles, etc.

​Do you use Marcel irons? Which are better ceramic irons or marcels?

Yes, I use marcel irons. It depends a couple different factors...desired finish, hair texture, strength, previous hair care, etc. The coarsest textures require the most heat helping styles maintain long lasting straightness. Once it has been trained it can then be styled regularly by ceramics.

What forms of payment do you accept?

​I accept cash and all major credit cards.


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